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Black Book is a female run elite escort agency, providing friendly high class escort services to gentlemen and couples in areas on the outskirts of West London. It should be noted that we do not charge a joining fee and that some agencies that do could be fraudulent, so please be aware of scams.

morganYou must be 21 years or over to join us at Black Book. We do not have a limit as to how old you can be, as long as you are in good shape. Please be honest with us about your age and appearance, you do not have to have model looks but we do require you to be in proportion. We need you to be attractive, articulate and have a great personality; this means being able to unwind and have fun with people from a range of different backgrounds.

We ask that you send us a photo that has not been through Photoshop or that has been in any way edited. We need a photograph that accurately represents you, as we will need to see photographic ID if we call you in to an interview, no cropped or blurred photos please!

It is also crucial that you are able to speak fluent English and are permitted to legally work within the UK. We only accept applications from independent business women and under no circumstances do we deal with applications from third party representatives.

Lastly we need you to have a good work ethic. Being an escort often involves a lot of evening work and driving, although, the travelling and hours are worth the benefits of being an elite female escort. Here at Black Book Elite Escort Agency we are always friendly and fair  and will always allow our ladies to decline any booking under any circumstance. After all, it is of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable when working, thus at no time are you under any obligation.

If you know of someone who is considering becoming an elite escort, please have them contact our popular and successful agency. We are a friendly team of female professionals who take great care of the escorts that work with us, not only ensuring their safety and well being but also, that each and every one of our ladies reap the benefits of being an elite escort. If you are new to escorting, we will provide you with the support and advice needed to make your career in this line of work a successful one.

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